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About the project

The comfort and luxury of new construction, and the character and charm of an urban living environment; that is what makes the renovation project NOI14 unique.

A spectacular property in an amazing location with interiors designed by Bricks studio.

The former office building in Bezuidenhout is carefully being restored and transformed into a comfortable residential complex.

NOI14 offers a The Hague living experience for those who want the ultimate in sophistication, serenity and style.

Luxury apartments in a small-scale building with the possibility of private parking in the basement.
It’s unique location, with the elegance and excitement of the (walking distance) city centre and the serenity of the Haagse Bos and beach offers an incomparable residence.

The latest building techniques combined with the use of contemporary materials.

When it comes to the use of materials and building standard we aim for the best.

Let the rendered pictures speak for themselves and let us reassure you that we will provide you with built in faucets and showers, ceramic tiles, windows and floors from materials that will last a lifetime.

We prepare you for the near future with the latest techniques in regards to air circulation, heating and cooling.

What makes this project so special?

  • Large outdoor spaces and terraces
  • Great variation in housing plans and dimensions
  • Exceptional location near shops and amenities
  • Low maintainance
  • Luxurious kitchen and bathroom(s)
  • Hungarian point wooden floors
  • Ready for the future, by using the latest energy saving techniques
  • Building fitted with elevator and large staircase


Renovation of the appartments already started.
We wish to finish the first appartments by the end of 2020.

Only 2 appartments left! Sign up here for more information.

The NOI14 feeling


Big garage boxes can be bought in the basement. 3 are reserved exclusively for the ground floor apartments and the penthouse.

Living rooms

The living rooms are spacious, taking into account the maximum use of the daylight. Making the living pleasure optimal.


The bathrooms are designed to enjoy a healthy life. Bathing in hotel-like luxury. Every day again. This will never get bored.


Urban gardens in an unimaginably large size. The swimming pond is fantastic for yourself or for your family. Enjoy the sun and the city life in perfect form. That can’t be beaten.


The spacious balconies and terraces give an unconventional city feeling. Lovely outdoor stays even when the sun goes down.


One, two or three bedrooms? It is possible within NOI14. From practical bedrooms to spacious master bedrooms.

Master bedrooms

The master bedrooms have a connecting bathroom and walk in closet. Here you can truly master the master.


NOI14 residents who enter through the signature entry doors are immediately welcomed into a sophisticated ambiance.


The view from the roof terraces is stunning. Overcome your dreams and pleasure your mind every day again.


Apartment 1 (under option)

  • Ground floor, 168 m2 living space,
    list price € 950.000

Apartment 2 (available)

  • Ground floor, 162 m2 living space,
    list price € 939.000

Apartment 3 (sold)

  • First floor, 88,7 m2 living space,
    list price € 499.000

Apartment 4 (sold)

  • First floor, 87,3 m2 living space,
    list price € 529.000

Apartment 5 (sold)

  • First floor, 90,3 m2 living space,
    list price € 499.000

Apartment 6 (sold)

  • First floor, 74,0 m2 living space,
    list price € 435.000

Apartment 7 (sold)

  • Second floor, 88,7 m2 living space,
    list price € 499.000

Apartment 8 (sold)

  • Second floor, 63,5 m2 living space,
    list price € 359.000

Apartment 9 (sold)

  • Second floor, 90,3 m2 living space,
    list price € 499.000

Apartment 10 (sold)

  • Second floor, 74 m2 living space,
    list price € 419.000

Apartment 11 (sold)

  • Third floor, 74,3 m2 living space,
    list price € 419.000

Apartment 12 (sold)

  • Third floor, 57,3 m2 living space,
    list price € 325.000

Apartment 13 (sold)

  • Third floor, 80,5 m2 living space,
    list price € 449.000

Apartment 14 (sold)

  • Third floor, 66,5 m2 living space,
    list price € 375.000

Apartment 15 (sold)

  • Penthouse, 145 m2 living space,
    list price € 849.000


  • 7 parking boxes in basement, 35 m2,
    list price € 45.000 per box



Ground floor

First floor

Second floor

Third floor

Fourth floor - Penthouse

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